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Why Heritage?

Benefit #1.  Academic Excellence


In light of the current economic and job markets, the key questions on parents' minds (even parents of young children!) are "Will this school help my child get into a good college or university?" and "Will my child succeed academically, and be prepared for post-elementary and secondary classes?"  Ultimately, you want your child to have the best opportunities to be successful on their own, earn their own paycheck, and grow as an independent adult!


Private schools typically offer challenging academic curriculum and demand more rigorous standards for graduation. These standards, requiring students to complete high-level, challenging courses and pushing students to strive and excel in their work, is a central schooling component that many experts recommend.  In general, private school students score higher on standardized achievements tests post-secondary entrance exams.


Bottom line?  HCS equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to be successful.  If this is an environment where you think your child can succeed and get the help he/she needs, then HCS could be the right fit for you!


Benefit #2.  Positive Learning Environment


HCS has the advantage of smaller class sizes, smaller enrollment, and a lower student/teacher ratios than public schools. 

What does this mean for your child?  Smaller private school classroom size enables teachers and students to have a closer working relationship (they really get to know each other!) allowing individualized attention and enhanced learning which raises student achievement and scores.  Smaller classroom settings help promote teachers’ commitment to collaborative work and to support the development of a “professional community of learners”.  Students in smaller classes have more opportunities to seek help for academic problems, participate in class discussion, and give the teacher an insight into your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 

Benefit #3:  Community


HCS offers an immediate community of families who share common values, interests, goals, and beliefs.  This community allows parents to be connected with other parents, families, teachers, and staff and be more involved in school events, policies, and learn and grow with others.  The importance of serving a local community is emphasized at HCS. 


This "value-added" approach to education will help your child improve academically, develop his higher-order thinking skills (i.e. analysis, problem solving, decision-making), and strengthen ties to his school, community, and society.  As your child serves their community, they will develop values of caring and concern, hard work, gratefulness, and leadership.

Benefit #4:  School Safety and Discipline


A safe environment where students can learn and excel is of great importance to many parents considering where to educate their children.  Studies have shown that private school students are significantly more likely than others to feel safe and be safe in their schools.  Private school students are generally less fearful about their daily safety.


HCS emphasizes discipline and teaches children self-control and personal responsibility. Consistent expectations for student behaviour allow teachers and staff to correctly handle any major problems quickly and effectively, making the classroom free of distractions. 


What are the greatest factors in creating a safe environment?  School size, smaller class size, and low student/teacher ratio are important pieces in developing this safe environment. Your child will feel less fearful about their daily safety and be able to focus on learning in a distraction-free classroom!

Benefit #5:  Focus on Values


Are you looking for a school that focuses on the values that are important to your family?  One of the greatest benefits of a private Christian education at HCS is the commitment to providing instruction from a biblical, Christ-centered worldview.  Biblical truths are infused into the academic lesson plans that help expose God's truth and help students make the connection between the pieces of life and God's larger frame of reference. 


How will Christian values shape my child's future?  The spiritual freedom of praying in school, reading the Bible, and discovering Christ in all subject classes will provide your child with a solid biblical foundation that will last an eternity. 

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